Welcome to Tankah!

Become a member today by going to MEMBERSHIP and following the instructions. You'll be part of a vibrant organization dedicated to making Tankah 3 and 4 – in short ‘TANKAH' - one of the most livable neighborhoods in the Riviera Maya by enhancing security, protecting the beauty, the flora and fauna, especially the sea turtles, promoting sustainability and increasing property values.

All Tankah residents are requested to establish a resident account even if not joining the AT at this time. One account per property address, per condo, please (you may enter two separate emails). This is the AT primary method for communicating with members and residents and sharing important information about the AT community.

Please check TIRP – ‘Tankah Ideal Road Project’. Starting a strong ‘Home Owner Association’ we could finish a new road in 2024/25, with all services underground, renewable energy and enough electricity for e-mobility to protect the flora and fauna and increase our property values.