About us

The Asociacion Tankah – Tankah Homeowners Association represents the interests of property owners in the TANKAH neighborhood, that area of Tankah 3 and 4 the 3,500 meters from 307 until dead end towards Soliman Bay, about the 147 lot properties and an increasing number of condominiums in total.

The Asociacion Tankah is a voluntary participation organization that supports neighborhood initiatives with policies and best practices, functional committees and social activities with the stated objectives of enhancing security, protecting the beauty, the flora and fauna, especially the sea turtles, promoting sustainability and increasing property values.

Those who have made the decision to participate are rapidly approaching a majority of all TANKAH property owners and support the ‘Asociacion Tankah’ with a modest annual assessment of $ XYZ each year. The ‘Asociacion Tankah’ is governed by a set of Bylaws agreed upon by these property owners. Assessment monies support neighborhood projects such as signage, security cameras, and other initiatives that make TANKAH a better place to live.