Tankah Ideal Road Project

The increasing number of condominiums is a challenge for our “dirt road”. Soon we will have days with several hundred private cars, more than one hundred water trucks, construction activities with people walking on the road.

  • Would you like an asphalted road, with electric lines, internet lines, fresh water and sewage pipes under the street, and a sidewalk?
  • Would you like to get clean electricity provided by solar panels integrated at your CFE-bill?
  • Would you like that Tankah-Grid is prepared for e-mobility and that batteries will bridge power outages?
  • Would you like that the Tankah Sea Turtles - the treasure of Tankah - will be protected by our own team?
  • Would you invest US$ 7.000 as a one-time payment to fulfill that dream?

Please check the proposal (Link to pdf)
and sign the membership form (link)

Join without any risk. The project will only be launched, and the payment will only be due if the majority of the keys (casas, casitas and condos) have signed in.

As a first runner you will secure the lowest fee as the fee will increase every month.

By working together as a community, we will be able to fulfill that dream, protect the beauty of Tankah and increase our property values.